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Tip! I have been divorced at least 6 months, or separated more than 1 year. 2.
**Note: Regarding real estate, you will be asked to provide information regarding the deed. If you have a copy of your deed, take it with you to the consultation.


You will be asked other pertinent information, such as any agreements you and your spouse have already reached regarding marital property, who will have primary residential custody of any children and what the proposed visitation arrangement may be. If you fear some areas are not in agreement, be prepared to tell your attorney what they are and how you wish them to be handled.


Tip! Take concrete steps to safeguard your assets before you and your spouse begin discussing divorce.
The requested information is confidential, and your attorney and staff are working for you. Most attorneys will have a questionnaire form you will be asked to fill out, either prior to the initial meeting or when you arrive. The form will include the items I listed in this article. Make your own list of any questions you want to discuss with your attorney and take it with you Рyou are understandably stressed and there’s a lot to cover. Your own list will ensure you remember to ask any particularly important questions.

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